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Our Sposawed Story

I am Naz Yazgan. I am graduated from Koç University Economy. I have worked in two different corporate firms 7 years in Marketing Department.

Then I have decided no more working in big firms make me happy. I have to produce handmade products and see people using them. I started to practice day and nigh,t too much effort in both flower and headpieces. This started to make me very excited every day more and more. I go flowers school.

When I feel ready, I have created my own brand in wedding sector. Now I am creating headpieces, earrings and bouquets all in handmade.

If you want to use special and unique jewelery, flowers in your special days we hare here for you.

In İstanbul you can visit our showroom by appointment or look from our web page what we do.

Doing what I like so much and touching all private moments you have with my hand made creations is incredible.

Sposawed – Bride and Groom Accessories